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June 7, 2024

Discover Newport: Top Things to Do In Newport

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Mansions, Sailboats, Beaches, & More

Newport, Rhode Island is a picturesque seaside city with beautiful beaches, historical mansions, and a vibrant cultural scene.

If you’re looking for the top things to do in Newport, then look no further.

The rich maritime history and prevailing wind direction make it the perfect place to go for a sail. You can always find something new and delightful in Newport, whether you are a first-timer or a frequent visitor.

Below are some of the top things to do in Newport as well as the best sailing lessons in town.

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Top Things To Do In Newport

Explore the Historic Mansions

Newport is home to some of its most recognizable attractions, including historic mansions. These magnificent houses were built by rich families during the Gilded Age, giving us a glimpse into America’s elite lifestyle.

  • The Breakers: The mansion represents opulence more than any other residence in Newport. It was built by Vanderbilts and has 70 rooms filled with elaborate furnishings.
  • Marble House: Another Vanderbilt home famous for its lavish marble interiors and dramatic design.
  • The Elms: With its classical architecture and beautiful gardens, this home will satisfy every history buff out there.
newport mansions, top things to do in newport
The Breakers Mansion

Walk Along the Cliff Walk

If you want to take a peaceful walk along the oceanfront with a beautiful view, then walk towards Cliff Walk.

This 3.5-mile long path follows Newport’s eastern edge offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s perfect for casual walks, photography or just enjoying nature’s beauty at its best.

Visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is a great place to go if you are a sports enthusiast.

This museum is situated in the Newport Casino and showcases the history of tennis and honors its greatest players. It remains an attractive destination for tennis enthusiasts due to its historical grass courts that are still used in tournaments today.

Enjoy the Beaches

Newport has some of the most stunning beaches in the state. Spend time relaxing on the beach, building sand castles, or swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Easton’s Beach: Also known as First Beach, this family-friendly beach has soft sand and small waves.
  • Second Beach: Popular with locals and tourists alike, this beach offers some good surf opportunities.
  • Third Beach: A calmer choice for those who seek a place where they can have picnics or enjoy peace at the beach.

Take a Harbor Tour

To truly experience Newport, take a harbor tour.

These tours are quite different from your normal sightseeing experiences as they are conducted on water!

You can see old mansions, lighthouses, boats, and yachts, which all together make up the real Newport experience. It’s an easy way of spending a peaceful afternoon while getting to know more about the city’s rich maritime history.

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Learn How To Sail with Newport Sailing Lessons

One of the best ways to experience Newport is to get out on the water.

Sailing in Newport is a common activity, and Newport Sailing Lessons offers comprehensive and exciting sailing courses for everyone.

Whether you are looking for private sailing lessons, adult sailing lessons, family sailing lessons, or even sailing lessons for kids, we have you covered.

With Newport Sailing Lessons, you will have valuable sailing experiences — and without any boring online classes. During this 90-minute lesson, you will learn how to cast off a mooring expertly and raise the mainsail, unfurl the jib, and skillfully trim the sails while steering your course with tiller precision.

Our comprehensive class covers everything from equipment to rigging, sail theory, and all points of sail so that you get a broad understanding of the sailing experience. You can practice some fundamental moves such as gybing or tacking, which are quite fun and beautiful.

Step onboard Hope, a Pearson 30 sloop sailboat. This classic yacht can accommodate up to six students at once, with the instructor sitting alongside them in the cockpit.

Our private and public instruction options are perfect for those looking for a family adventure, a memorable double date, or even a solo escapade.

Our lessons are also perfect for both beginners and experienced sailors alike who want to learn the ropes while enjoying the beauty of Narragansett Bay.

Enjoy lovely scenes such as Newport Bridge, Fort Adams, Rose Island, and Clingstone as you sail across it. With this unmatched enriching experience, you will certainly cherish these tours!

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Dining and Shopping in Newport

Once you have explored Newport and spent some time sailing around the area, you will certainly be eager to relish the splendid dining and shopping options available in Newport. 

  • Thames Street: This place is filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops. It’s very romantic because of the harbor view and a perfect spot for unique memories or delicious meals. 
  • Bowen’s Wharf: This destination is all about seafood restaurants and charming shops, and one should not miss visiting it. For those who like to watch beautiful scenes while eating something, this is the best place to visit since they serve fresh oysters and lobster rolls among other dishes. 
  • Brick Marketplace: If you want a more relaxed shopping experience, go to Brick Marketplace. There you’ll find a variety of different things, from clothes to local art being sold in the eclectic array of shops. 
newport downtown bannisters wharf bowens wharf newport rhode island
Bannister’s Wharf, Downtown Newport

Enjoy Newport’s Festivals and Events

Newport has numerous festivals and events taking place every year. They range from music festivals to boat shows, so there is always something happening.

  • Newport Folk Festival: One of the most popular folk events in the world takes place every summer at Fort Adams State Park bringing together folk musicians from all over the world. 
  • Newport Jazz Festival: Another classic event, the Jazz Festival, also held at Fort Adams, features top jazz artists. 
  • Newport International Boat Show: Boating enthusiasts must attend this event. The biggest in-water boat show in the country takes place every September here on these shores. 


Newport is a charming and adventurous city with a rich history.

Whether you want to explore historic mansions, walk along the Cliff Walk, relax on the beach, or take sailing lessons at Newport, there is something for everyone.

Newport Sailing Lessons has different courses that are suitable for all skill levels. Make sure to include this in your itinerary for an unforgettable experience of Newport!

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