With Newport Sailing Lessons, your sailing adventure begins in Newport Harbor where we will set sail from the mooring and head out to Narragansett Bay. Whether you would like to learn the ropes or sit back and enjoy the views, this sunset sail will not disappoint. 

You can master the art of casting off from the mooring, expertly raise the main sail, unfurl the jib, skillfully trim the sails, and steer your course with the precision of the tiller, all while immersing yourself in the excitement and beauty of the art of sail.

Whether your learning the ropes, or relaxing and touring the historic views, you'll be able to enjoy the picturesque golden light and sunset on the bay. 

Private tour

sunset sail

Step aboard Hope, our Pearson 30, a classic sailing yacht with a spacious cockpit accommodating up to six students alongside the instructor.

Whether you're seeking a family adventure, a memorable double date, or a solo escapade, our private charters and sunset sails cater to all. Ideal for both beginners and experienced sailors, your sailing charter will allow you to relax and enjoy the picturesque beauty of Narragansett Bay.

As you sail, take in stunning views of iconic landmarks such as the Newport Bridge, Fort Adams, Rose Island, and Clingstone. You will create lasting memories with this unique and enriching experience!

Learn the ropes, or sit back and relax. the choice is yours!

sunset sail

Book a private sunset sail charter.
Learning optional, sunset is not.